Blog 4: My development as future leader

 In my previous blogs, we learned about – what is leadership, how to lead in a changing world and how to handle the change. To me, twenty first century leadership is regarding leading with the guts and to serve instead of rule.

People tend to hunt leaders who have a strong character, clear image for the longer term, and are excellent in communication. They’re usually praised by the results. BUT, to be successful leader in today’s world you need to have far more qualities than just being the “result” oriented leader.

Therefore, to be a future leader, following are some of the qualities that I think (or in general many of us) will have to develop and eventually master onto:-

  1. Integrity, Honesty and adherence to the Principles

Having strong moral values will allow others to clearly identify with you and being honest clearly shows your intentions to others.

  1. Ability to continuously learn and improve myself not matter the situation

Every situation you encounter will teach you a lesson even if it’s a success or failure. Analyse the situation retrospectively and use the learning’s for your future.

  1. Being resilient and tough under the adverse situations

Being calm and patience in adverse situation showcases your ability to work under pressure situation and would help others to come up with better solutions/approaches

  1. Attitude towards looking at the bigger picture and at the same time going to the smallest details when the need arises

Being a leader does not mean you should not look at the things in details. In fact when you understand the work ground-up you will be able to connect with people at every level and would be able to appreciate them no matter what level they are working at. But, this is just one side of the coin, depending upon the audiences or the people you face, you should also be able to speak and showcase clear picture at a very high level as well.

Ability to inspire and motivate others not only by the words but also with the actions to propel others to go beyond their own limits

People will follow you no matter what when they see you taking actions on the ground and not just by talking. That will bring you closer to the people you are working with.

  1. Being accountable and showing courage

You should be accepting the responsibility of the outcome that’s expected out of you and the people you are leading in both the cases – good and bad. Great leaders take initiative to influence the outcome and take responsibility for the results

  1. And last but not the least, absolute control on time management

Time management is the essential quality that every leader should possess otherwise you would not be able to handle the various responsibilities that are expected to be taken by you.

You need to be always on your toes doing the perfect balancing act in the above mentioned qualities to be a successful leader.

While learning MBA – Global Business from Coventry University, I have learnt various aspects of business and not only business but knowing a proper differences how it is to work under someone or to work for your own. In college we have various factors that will help us in our future growth, like we get to study with international students, getting knowledge, knowing about their culture, their working style etc.  Rather I believe or have seen people saying that Time is money, actually they are correct! Let it be college sector if you are late you might miss some important information, if it is your own company you come late the same thing will go on your staff, they will also end up inn coming late.
As a future leader, I shall push and drive this common manner of thinking and acting. This could solely be achieved if I’m able to produce innovative methods, ones that drive a modification in culture by participating folks and making a shared want.

There are two types of people in an organization, one is Boss and another is Leader. What I want to be is a “Leader” and hence, it is very important to know the difference between the qualities of a Boss and Leader:-


Considering all this, the below chart will highlight you the key attributes / qualities I have learned and will develop to be future leader:





7 thoughts on “Blog 4: My development as future leader”

  1. Nice way to explain the difference between leader and boss. Do you think for leading a team you need both the qualities of boss and leader in balance manner? I can see such qualities in you perfect balance of boss and leader at the same time. Good luck.

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